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Thoughtful Thursdays - World of Work


The digital world is rapidly disrupting traditional businesses and together with social media platforms, machine learning and artificial intelligence it is reshaping how things are done. This series will explore the rapidly changing world of work through the current experiences of business leaders and challenge learners to think about the tools they need to support  their aspirations.

Meet Your Host - Thabo Ramphore: Futureworld

Thabo Ramphore 1.webp

Thabo has expertise in strategy formulation and execution, as well as in social-based and lean innovation. He has applied these types of innovations at both corporate and start-up level. Thabo has a rich understanding of business models and exponential thinking, and a keen ability to simplify complex concepts. In 2013, he and his team earned the award for ‘Best Technology/Innovation Start-up’ at the TT100 awards, and just a couple of years later, he completed a Stanford Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Many organisations continue to benefit from Thabo’s expertise as a skilled Design Thinking Facilitator, and many will have the opportunity to expand their exponential thinking as he becomes Futureworld’s latest addition to the keynote speaker team.

WEBINAR ONE-Exploring How Your Creativity Can Work For you


Samantha Peo


Julian Kubel


Sibongile Mngoma


Megan Carelse

unnamed (1).jpg

Hayley Bennett-Freidin


Siya Metane

WEBINAR TWO-Working in Innovation


Donatha Narcisse


Rachel Auckland

WEBINAR THREE-Delving Deeper into EdTech

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 13.42.36.png

Chad Thomas

WEBINAR FOUR-Creativity Matters

Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 10.29.28.png

Lana Leas - Roy

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