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Vula Amehlo – ‘open your eyes’ - is a not-for-profit company that leads and manages interventions in public schools on behalf of corporate donors. Over the past 10 years it has developed and implemented a number of interesting interventions for public schools that cut across leadership development and behaviour change in the pursuit of excellence in education.


The South African education system is failing our learners. Only a third of learners who enter Grade 1 pass Matric, further, only a third of those who pass qualify for university and only 12% gain access to university. The narrative of school ~ university ~ job is simply not a reality for the majority of learners leaving school and the education system does not provide adequate opportunities for further education post-Matric.


Vula Amehlo believes that by introducing learners to programmes that address issues not covered in the curriculum and teaching them skills that they otherwise would not gain from their education, opens a host of opportunities for them. Exposing them to ‘art-of-the-possible’ motivates them to dream big for their futures and to have experiences they would otherwise not have had access to in their under-resourced schools.


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