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The top 12 learners (3 from Zinniaville and 9 from Kenilworth) from the 2023 Expressive Arts Programme were selected to stage the gala performance. They were put through their paces by a choreographer and vocal trainer for one week at the Columba residential venue in Nirox Sculpture Park, and performed Isiphosethu (“Our Heroes Journey”) at Emperors Palace on 4 December 2023 for the MIC board, MIC investee companies and Columba investors, and again on 9 January for their parents and peers.


This was a life-changing experience for the young performers as they were expected to behave and perform as professional artists and were treated as such. The rehearsal days were long and tough, and the actual performance was incredibly nerve-wracking, with technical glitches and challenges. They formed a close-knit group and were able to provide support to each other and put on a spectacular performance. An experience such as this equips learners with skills that they may use not only while performing but for the rest of their lives.

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