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Outdoor Classrooms


Learners will graduate into a world facing large-scale environmental challenges such as systemic food shortages, water insecurity, climate change, and high and unaffordable energy costs among others. It is these issues that require immediate action on many levels. From policy making to action on the ground, it is fundamental that behaviours and attitudes are challenged and changed. 


The outdoor classroom has been developed as an enabling space to support public speaking, performance and interactive teaching methods. It makes real the concept of taking ownership of the environment and transforming ‘toxic underused spaces’ into effective places of teaching and learning.


The outdoor classrooms illustrate the positive impact that a decent learning and teaching environment can have on learners, educators and the community.


The project aims to:

  • Provide a platform for social cohesion, creativity and innovation through improving the physical environment of schools

  • Drive attitudinal change via an engaging learning process where learners and educators take ownership of their school’s physical, spatial and environmental challenges and transform them by developing new usable spaces

  • Introduce learners to the concepts of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ in the context of transforming their environments

  • Create awareness of the negative impact of climate change, risks of water scarcity and the impact of food insecurity in a way that cross cuts the curriculum with a practical learning experience

  • Provide an opportunity to explore high impact gardens that introduce learners to the benefits of edible plants, medicinal plants, herbs and engender an interest in indigenous, water-wise, low maintenance concepts

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