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Karabo E-Learning App


The COVID-19 lockdown has disrupted schooling in ways that no one could really have imagined. Advantaged schools responded by going online but government schools have been unable to do so. In these times there is no one single solution that can overcome all of the structural impediments that we face in teaching and learning. However, the Karabo e-learning app together with the Vula Amehlo programme goes a long way in overcoming many of these challenges.


The app empowers both teachers and learners. It can be used as a teaching resource to flip the classroom, as well as a bridge for those learners that have the drive and ambition to improve their own lives. All that learners require is a basic mobile device and occasional access to the internet to be able to download the lessons and resources onto their phone for viewing in an offline environment. The lessons follow the CAPS curriculum for Maths and Science and are in step with the teaching programme in schools.

We have seen from our experience that many learners are able to access a suitable device and also the internet and have embraced the App. The Vula Amehlo programme amplifies this by providing and supporting a digital hotspot in the served schools. This solution enables the learners to download digital resources when they are at school on alternating days for use when they are not at school.


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