Thoughtful Thursdays - Our Online Stage


This forum is a platform for learners to advocate for the change they desire if they had the powers of the President 4 a Day, or Dare them 2 Dream and use their creative talents to share their vision of a better place. The format supports discussion and feedback among learners and encourages them to benchmark their ideas and talent against their peers and level up.


Meet Your Hosts - Samantha Peo & Tshenolo Lekopa

Samantha Peo

Musical Theatre Actress, Singer & Dancer, Inspirational Speaker. Co-creator of  Expressive Arts & Life Skills program using the Performance Arts.

Tshenolo Lekopa

Facilitator/educator, Mathematics and Statistics student, lifelong learner & advocate for disruption of "normal" school education & learning through cognitive-development-oriented teaching.


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WEBINAR ONE -Why creative self-expression is vital for human development

WEBINAR TWO -Self-expression through the spoken word

Rethabile Mothobi

WEBINAR THREE -Do You Have Something to Say?

Zubz The Last Letta

WEBINAR FOUR -An Afternoon with Gloria Bosman

Gloria Bosman