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                      The Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC)


The MIC was founded by the National Union of Mineworkers in 1995 as an investment vehicle to develop a sustainable resource base to support social programmes specifically aimed at mineworkers and their families. The MIC has grown into a R7 billion enterprise that has distributed in excess of R500 million to support education scholarships and job creation programmes for NUM’s members. The MIC holds the belief that education is the most effective tool to overcome generational poverty and that young people must be empowered to shape their own futures, and not allow the current reality to determine their prospects. In supporting this programme, the MIC underpins its belief that every child, no matter their background or economic circumstance, can become a critical thinker and a problem solver, and that their ambitions should only be limited by their imaginations, and not their social conditions.

The MIC School Support Programme

Vula Amehlo and the MIC have provided extra-curriculum support to the two schools over the past 3 years. The MIC has committed close to R6 million to this programme and provided among other things indirect support through the ‘President 4 a Day’ public speaking competition, the ‘Dare 2 Dream’ performing arts festival, coding for learners, greening and infrastructure projects and the Educator Breakaway programme designed to lead and inspire the educators.

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