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WEBINAR ONE - Facing the Perfect Storm

Thoughtful Thursdays - Leadership Counts


The lesson of COVID-19 is that our world is more fragile than we thought and that we cannot take anything for granted. School management teams will be challenged to lead their schools into the ‘new normal’. This series will host thought-leaders in discussion exploring how to reset the way we think, lead and act and how to become ‘better than before’.


Neil Jacobsohn 1.webp

Neil Jacobsohn

WEBINAR TWO -Drawing inspiration

unnamed (1).jpg

Enzo Scarcella

WEBINAR THREE -Developing the Leader within You!


Andrea Quaye


Donna Rachelson

WEBINAR FOUR - Leaping into the 4th IR

Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 11.22.32.png

Ansie Peens

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