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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp


In most schools entrepreneurship ranks as the last resort among learners options. The adopted narrative of school ~ university ~ job  is not true for the vast majority of learners and entrepreneurship may be their only opportunity. The objective is to create space for a new conversation through exposing learners to a practical and creative learning experience that develops their problem solving and can-do attitude and unlocks desire and ambition, and does this in a way that is visible and accessible to their peers, which may result in learners re-considering entrepreneurship as a genuine option.
























Small businesses that solve problems and meet a social need will be the primary engine for sustainable job creation and provide an impetus for economic growth. The campaign makes visible the ‘art of the possible’ and the positive social impact that entrepreneurs can have on society, and that while failure is not great it is a ‘learning opportunity’ that can either lead to future successes or improved employability.  With an ethos of ‘better to try and fail than not try at all’,  entrepreneurs become role models and pioneers that make entrepreneurship look exciting and cool and shift attitudes.

To make entrepreneurship visible, the programme invites learners to present their businesses ideas to a panel that selects learners to attend an entrepreneur’s bootcamp hosted at their school. Learners gain access to business coaches who conduct workshops on the various elements of running, managing and growing a small business using their business ideas as the case study. Finalists get to present their vision and plans to a “dragon’s den” panel with a chance to win modest capital investment of between R500 – R2 500.

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