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Dare 2 Dream - Performing Arts Festival


The #Dare2Dream Performing Arts Festival celebrates the many natural talents of learners, some of whom have disengaged from the ‘academic pathway’ in school and helps educators understand the power of engagement in unlocking the learning process. 


The Festival gives learners the opportunity to perform, to be passionate and collaborate with their peers, to co-create content, to work to deadlines and to perform live with professional lighting and sound, to compete with their peers, receive instant feedback and benchmark their talents. Throughout the festival the tangible energy and excitement of the performers creates an infectious environment that impacts on and motivates fellow learners in each school and openly encourages others to pursue their passions.
























The Festival aims to:

  • Unlocks learners’ self-belief and enhances their self-esteem

  • Provides a platform for many invisible learners to shine and become acknowledged

  • Validates learners, encourages them to follow their interests and back their own talents

  • Promotes the educators understanding that learners learn differently and that a variety of teaching methods should be used to create engagement in the learning process

  • Creates engagement in learners own learning and highlights that learning can be exciting and fun

  • Raises awareness and interest in the performing arts and hospitality industry as possible career routes


The 2019 Dare 2 Dream Performing Arts Festival

This year we had the honour of partnering with the Market Theatre and The Windybrow Arts Centre and hosted the final event at the iconic Theatre on the John Kani stage. The Theatre, opened in 1976, operated as an independent and non-racial theatre during apartheid.

Trained actors Sifiso Sikhakhane, Sparky Xulu and Sne Dladla ran hands-on workshops for learners  throughout the second and third terms assisting them in curating their 20 minute performance. Learners used the mediums of song, dance and drama to address societal issues of gender-based violence, drug abuse and poverty.

For the first time schools were able to host a dress rehearsal performance in their new performance spaces and used this as an opportunity to draw parents and the community back into the school to support their children and as an opportunity to raise much needed funds through various fundraising activities.

Images of the 2019 Festival can be viewed here.

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