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COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated that organisations are well-equipped with regards to the provision of sanitising stations and supplies and implement adequate screening processes. In schools, these processes are made even more difficult by the sheer numbers of learners and lack of space in order to ensure social distancing. We, together with the educators, identified the provision of these supplies as a priority area in order to safeguard both learners and themselves as frequently as possible. To this end we supplied the schools with hands-free, foot activated sanitising units, a bulk supply of sanitiser solution and infrared thermometers for screening individuals on arrival at the schools. The Department of Education provided learners with cloth masks; in addition we were able to secure a donation of 4 400 KN 95 masks from Mobile in Africa. These masks were distributed to our 5 schools as back up 'emergency' masks should individuals at the school not have masks.


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